Partner site ELE designs to feature on Pattern Observer.

flowerdoodle leafprintdoodlea4alternate tigerprint2a4

Outside of my university work I run a surface pattern website/service called ELE designs. This is something I am very much working on and developing, part of this involves getting as much publicity as possible to promote ELE and myself as a designer. Therefore I am constantly looking at magazines, websites and online communities that I can potentially submit work to in order to get my work noticed, with one of these sites being Pattern Observer.
Pattern Observer is a website that purely promotes surface pattern and textile design, and helps people grow and expand their textile business. After reaching out to the people at Pattern Observer I am happy to announce that ELE will be featuring on their website on March 27th. This will be a collection of my recent doodle prints with a statement on my inspiration, process and idea behind the designs.
This is extremely exciting for ELE and will be great publicity and although sometimes it can be boring and lengthy searching the internet for places to promote yourself, every now and again it can pay off! This is really important for me as surface pattern design is something I would like to pursue as a career once university is over.

Check out the pattern Observer website here…

And my ELE website..


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